About us

Moonbus Productions…

is the label (or umbrella brand) its members use when working with different projects in the fields of art, design, music, philosophy and various kind of text production. The founders of Moonbus are Ulrik Claesson and Mari Åkerblom but we also collaborate with various people in different projects. We are based in Gothenburg / Göteborg, Sweden.

Historical background

The concept of ”Moonbus” was conceptualized 2003 by Ulrik Claesson during his studies at HDK (School of Design and Crafts) for a ”Master of Fine Arts”. The Moonbus concept was first called ”Månbuss Creative Expeditions” (Månbuss = Swedish for Moonbus. The language mix was intentionally). The old site is partly still possible to reach which gives the opportunity to get an historical overview of the projects at those first years : https://moonbus.se/manbusshistory (except the news page (start page) also most of the links at the ‘projects-section’ still works).

Presentation of the Moonbus founders:


Presentation of the Moonbus Board Members:

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Presentation of the Moonbus collaboration partners:

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